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About Us

Welcome Message From the Chairman

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, it is with great pleasure that we invite you to the NLP Global Congress 2018 which will be held in Putrajaya, Malaysia, on May 25–27, 2018.

This congress is held for the first time and Malaysia is proud to have taken the lead. Our intention is to have this congress on a rotation 2 years basis, mushrooming from Asia and eventually globally. The pure intention of us is to promote NLP into every citizen in the world and pass it on to generations worldwide.

Our intention is to initiate this global platform as a “home” for all NLP practitioners, trainers, facilitators, advocates and students from all over the world to meet every 2 years in different countries, to engage, connect, share and exchange ideas for the continued growth of the NLP by Leading Speakers. Its aim is to have this Congress mushrooming from Malaysia and rotate in other countries every 2 years, ensuring the torch of NLP knowledge to be passing on generations to generations continuously and globally.

We have also prepared an outstanding extra curricular that will showcase the rich Malaysian hospitality, culture cuisines, and history. Enjoy the networking opportunities with experts, colleagues, and industry professionals at the Gala Award Dinner. You can also take some time off your busy schedule to relax and savor the unique Malaysian experience in various post-congress tours.

Be part of this historic NLP Global Congress 2018, we looking forward to welcoming you to Putrajaya, Malaysia in May 2018!

Yours sincerely,

Annie Chong ( Ms. )
Congress Chairman

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EMR Academy (EMR) is a well known NLP center of training in Malaysia and is founded by Ms. Annie Chong with her associates in 2006. This center is committed to spread the NLP, physical and mental wellness and a series of professional courses for the students from local and globally and provides learning and communication platform to train excellent trainers.

Till date more than 100 professional training courses have been held, and have many success stories from the students that had experience life changing event to them, their families, and career advancement. EMR Academy successfully had 2 International conferences in Malaysia in the past which is in Chinese language and seen many delegates attending and benefited from it.


We see the NLP masters, speakers, trainers and practitioners as light carrier, they’re like fire flies scattered all over the world, spreading the knowledge of NLP in different areas and fields. This congress shall call upon them in every 2 years, and provide as home for them to congregate and meet one another, and share their warmth and brightness of lights (wisdom) which illuminate (enlighten) the world.


Enriching people in all aspects of their life by sharing and applying the knowledge of NLP.


As human we already have all the resources needed in this world. NLP will be the key to unleash these resources.


Annie Chong

Congress Chairman

Tsuey Mee


Jessie Chun

Organising Secretary

Jean Low

Assistant Secretary

Tsuey Mee

Treasure / Finance Chairperson

Brien Lee

Chairman of Content Head


Content Head Assistant

Lim Pei Wen

Technical (Desktop / posterboard) Head

Chee Yee Mun

Publication / Printing Head

Brandon Lim

Publication / Printing Member

Lai Chong Yee

Protocol Head

Ooi Chaw Ying

Sponsorship Head

Angeline Wong

Congress Ambassador

Peggy Tan

Hotel & Excursion Head

Kenny Koo

Hotel & Excursion Head

Wong Twee Chen

Workshop session Head

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