Clement Thai (Malaysia)

Clement Thai (Malaysia)

Clement Thai (Malaysia)

Clement Thai, Malaysian born Chinese, the very first Chinese trainer to facilitates NLP Coaching Skills in China.

Clement Thai is a NLP Professional Coach certified by NLP and Coaching Institute of Califonia, Master Trainer certified by NLP University, Hypnotherapist certified by Anchorpoint Institute and American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (A.C.H.E), he also has in-depth studies in Satir Model, Enneagram, Family Constellation and others.  Appointed trainer in China NLP Institute.

He was the former General Manager (Asia Pacific) of US multinational corporation, with more than 20 years of experience in business management and in-depth studies in western psychology, hypnotherapy, Family Constellation and others.  He is one of the leading Chinese NLP trainer who has been highly source in NLP Coaching Skills and by few United States’ NLP Coach Master such as Jan Elfline, Tim Hallbom, Nick LeForce and others.  He is the first Chinese trainer that taught NLP Coaching Skills in Mandarin.

Clement Thai had been actively involved in senior management of business industries since early 80’s till late 90’s.  With 20 years of experience in multinational corporation in business management, he has been invited often to be Business & Management Consultant by many enterprises in China.  His comprehensive understanding and perspicuous analysis in China enterprises’ situations and challenges are always taught in his workshop with practical and effective management skills and solutions.  In 1998, he obtained Master Practitioner certification from United States.  In 1999.  he began his training career in China and his work has been swiftly recognized by many.  In 2000, he was in United States to obtain certification in Hypnotherapy.  In the same year, he has been certified as NLP and EQ trainer.  He had also be involved in other study such as Family Constellation, Enneagram and Satir Family Therapy Model and many more!

Clement Thai is an expert in mind management, personal physical and mental improvement, emotional management, building corporate culture, physical and mental health, psychological treatment and parent-child relationship courses.  His courses are dynamic and vivid, easy to adapt by many participants in a relaxing environment.

Clement Thai Topics:

Sleight of Mouth– Speak Well

Language uses symbolism for people to express themselves and to understand each other. It is an “excellent tool” to help progress ourselves and others.
Use this tool correctly, we can move mountains. If this tool is not used correctly, it will be catastrophic.

  • To understand how to use this excellent tool, the first step is:
  • The origin of language
  • The relationship between language and words
  • Language is filtered with: Deletion, Distortion and Generalization
  • Language vs Fact
  • The relationship of language, beliefs, values and rules (BVR)
  • Use of the language models:
    • Meta Model
    • Milton Model
    • Wisdom Language Model

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