Michael Hall, Ph.D (USA)

Michael Hall, Ph.D (USA)

Michael Hall, Ph.D (USA)

Dr. Hall’s doctorate is in Cognitive-Behavioral Psychology is from Union Institute University in Cincinnati Ohio, founder of Neuro-Semantics. Dr. Hall co-founded the Meta-Coaching System in 2001 with Michelle Duval; there are now 10 Meta-Coach Trainers, 3,500 Licensed Meta-Coaches in 65 countries. Dr. Hall has written 14 books on the Meta-Coaching System as well as many other NLP books supporting Coaching. As an author, Dr. Hall is known as a prolific writer with 30 some books to his name, more than 100 published articles and is recognized as a leading NLP Trainer and developer of many models, most notably the revolutionary Meta-States model and more recently the Matrix model.

Michael Hall Topics:

Collaborative Leadership: The Ultimate Leadership Challenge

“We can do so much more together than alone or apart.”

If you think you can lead a company or organization effectively by yourself, you are still engaged in 20thcentury thinking. In today’s world of interconnectivity which is moving at ever-increasing speed, the ultimate challenge and form of leadership is collaborative leadership ~ leadership teams of co-leaders. It’s new, it’s different, it’s unexpected ~ and it is extremely powerful when well-executed.

Dr. Hall, having modeled collaborative leadership with Shelle Rose Charvet and Ian McDermott, after publishing the book, has been training leaders around the world on this next stage of leadership development.

  • Discover what collaboration is, and what collaborative leadership is.
  • Discover how it works – stages, processes, etc.
  • Discover what’s required of a leader to move beyond the individualistic leader.
  • Discover why it is so powerful which is making it the wave of the future.
  • Discover some of the key blocks that prevent most leaders from this challenge.

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