Wilson Chen (Taiwan)

Wilson Chen (Taiwan)

Wilson Chen (Taiwan)


  • The first trainer to bring NLP into the Chinese Psychological Counselling, and introduce NLP for the purpose of business management at the sametime.
  • The first one to bring the series of NLP books into the Chinese World. (Initiated the cooperation with the publisher in Taiwan since 1995 by selecting, and editing 50 NLP classical books which covers the fields of original theory, education, communicaiton, sales, business, hypnosis and psychotherapy, etc. Translated two books out of this series personally)


  • Training in NLP practitioner, master practitioner and trainer program.
  • Affiliated with NLPU of the previous two programs.
  • Coaching-training and one on one coaching for business executives.
  • Training course for A.C.H.E. Hypnosis Therapist.
  • Human Resource Development, Multi-Level Interpersonal Communication Training, Creative Mind & Strategy Development, Leadership, KPI & SFM.
  • PDP International Human Resource Management Coach
  • Developer of Long Ying Gong ™.
  • Mind Body Integration series courses: develop and cultivate the concentration and creativity of management–New Horizon
  • Self growth series courses: Development of Potentiality, Charism and Leadership, Creativity Strategy & Emotion Management.


Wilson Chen Topics:

The relation of the 3rd Generation of NLP — Field and the Eastern Fitness Practice: Qigong

Summary of the main issues

  • Old horizon vs new horizon
  • The core of the 3rd Generation of NLP – field mind NLP
  • The elements of Somatic Syntax
  • From ancient to modern, western to eastern,the somatic wisdom prevails through time.
  • Activate the practice of the original breathing skills.
  • C.O.A.C.H. state and generative presence.
  • Three-Dimension Qigong —-Chapter of Body Meridian (practice) Three-Dimension Qigong — Chapter of Visualization (practice)
  • Three-Dimension Qigong — Chapter of Frequency (practice)
  • Internalized the Heaven、Earth and Human Integration (practice)

Anticipating Effects

  • To experience the main point of the 3rd Generation of NLP.
  • To experience the importance of the essence of NLP Somatic Syntax.
  • To understand the universality and significance of the long – existing body wisdom.
  • To learn a set of practical Eastern Fitness Qigong groundedly and to be applied immediately.
  • To obtain the practical experience and application developed from NLP & body wisdom to field experience.

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